Halloween Field Trip

Halloween Field TripOn the 29th of October the school went on our annual Halloween field trip – this time visiting a place most of us had never been – Keanakolu Cabins on the slopes of Mauna Kea. Two four-wheel drives rumbled and bumped up gravelly Mana Road for over two hours, ascending to slightly over 5,000 feet until we found ourselves amid lush pastureland and koa forests. On the way we saw many turkeys, cows, wild pigs, pheasants, and three tan Axis deer that leapt like pogo sticks over the rough terrain!

Once we settled into the cabins with our gear, we went on the Orchard Loop hike, meandering through old homesteads and three apple, pear, plum, and peach orchards. We searched for fruit among the canopies and happily munched our harvest as we continued through grass-lined gullies and lichen-covered koa trees.

After dinner, the 9th grade presented the short skit “The Pirate Don Durk of Dowdee”, eliciting much laughter. Cookies and roasted marshmallows accompanied a few slightly spooky stories. Finally, a beautiful golden moon rose over the fields where the children danced like fireflies, twirling and tossing glo-sticks.

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