April 2017 Newsletter


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Welcome Spring!
Welcome back Keystone Waldorf Homeschool Students and…
Welcome Bees!

Over the break Monika, Grady and Mary picked up and introduced into their new home in the newly refurbished hive a colony of  bees.

Class Eight has been building a model car with Bayla’s dad, Ryan. This project has really made physics class come to life!

Grady and his bony helper, Larry, have also explored rotation,  torque, and levers in the realm of human anatomy.



This month we begin rehearsing the Eighth Grade play,  “The Importance of Being Earnest” by Oscar Wilde and practicing maypole dancing in preparation for May Day.

Whitman, the school angora bunny, is looking forward to Easter! He’s a frequent visitor in class and enjoys watching over our main lessons and math practice.
The soft wool he’s given us will be spun into yarn  and crocheted into hats in second grade handwork classes.
This year the children created beautiful felted flute cases and scarves. 5th grade just completed their study of triangular numbers in Geometry and now are exploring the marvels of Ancient Egypt.

In Spanish they have been studying the vocabulary of weather and seasons and will be writing short scripts this week for
sensational weather reports to be given by our budding Spanish.

Volunteer Weekend was very successful with completing a cute little tree house in the Ohi’a’ai tree.

Thank you Matt, Ryan, Michael  and Brian.
Great team/daddy effort and we completed a lot of clearing around the students, picnic area!

Please notify any one of the teachers if your child or even close friends of your child, who might be visiting are allergic to bee stings. Grady has an extracting device for stings and bites that works to remove the sting

er and sac when used right away. All the  students have been versed in precautions around the bees & what to do if anyone gets stung..



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