March 2017 Newsletter



As Spring approaches, the school and all the students are a-buzz!
Bees, bees and more bees…

On Valentine’s Day Class One performed their first solo play,“The Queen Bee” by Jacob Grimm.
It was very sweet and the “The Queen Bee” by Jacob Grimm.children did a
great job reciting and singing their parts.
There are hopes for a repeat performance
at our annual May Day Celebration! The
performance was enjoyed by the student
body and many Class One parents. After
the play the whole school participated in
a Valentine’s exchange of very beautiful
handmade cards.


The groundwork is being laid for real bees  to become a part of Keystone School. Grady is working
with the first grade students to rehabilitate a beehive and a new colony will welcome the children
back from Spring Break. Bees will be a wonderful addition – natural teachers and helpers in our own
little school garden!

Spring Plant Sale Hamakua Harvest Festival Sunday May 21

We are working towards a plant sale at the Hamakua Harvest
Festival on Sunday, May 21. This will be a fundraiser for the

The first grade class has been planting seeds and propagating
cuttings to be sold at the festival…

Mary’s class has some ideas and is looking to collaborate in this
fundraising event.

All “green thumbs” and “black thumbs” are most welcome to
get involved! Additionally, we’re seeking donations of soil and
pots as well as cuttings of culinary herbs, succulents and or your
favorite plants for propagation.

Pond cleanup and tree house construction will begin AFTER spring
break, the first Saturday and Sunday in April from 10:00 to 4:00.
This would be April 1st and 2nd! Please put these dates on your
calendars and come either day or both, for a few hours or for the
whole day! Additionally, Mary and her class are creating a spot
for an Earth Oven for making breads and pizzas at school. An
email reminder will be sent out with an accompanying sign-up.
(Looking into a google group). Stay posted for this!

Farewell to Avey

The first grade class had a new student Avey
(pictured in The Queen Bee above) who’s family
decided to re-locate back to the mainland. We
wish them the best!

Coming up…


There is no school the week of March 21-24

Pond clean up & Tree house construction
April 1st & 2nd from 10am to 4pm

In The Works…

» Pond clean up
» Tree house building
» Earth oven preparations
» Spring Plant Sale Fundraiser

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