Music and Geometry

grady-keystone-schoolHegeometry-teacherre at Keystone School we greet each new morning with singing, the changing harmonies and rhythms of the rounds bringing joy and setting the tone for the rest of the day. One of our new songs was shared with us by friends at the Wynstones Waldorf School in Gloucester, England.

This beautiful summer solstice round will be heard in our upcoming Michaelmas Pageant on September the 29th:

Full flaming fire by thy light glowing, Show to us beauty, vision and joy.

Alto and soprano recorder playing is also woven into the curriculum. The children delight in learning to read written music and they enjoy sharing seasonal and traditional music at school festivals. The patterns and ratios we explore in music make an appearance in our 6th grade geometry and 7th grade physics lessons in sound and vibration.

The chladni plate illustrates how changing sound frequencies created by “playing” a metal plate with a ‘cello bow can cause chladni-platedancing sand grains to arrange and rearrange themselves into a myriad of changing forms. Science in the upper grades encourages precision of movement, clarity of thinking, the honing of hand-eye coordination, careful observation, and an appreciation for the beauty of form, be it musical or mathematical!


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