Our School

Keystone Homeschool’s mission is to provide the children of Honoka’a and surrounding areas with a quality Waldorf education in a rural, aesthetically pleasing, and community-oriented setting. Beyond nurturing a sense of reverence and wonder for the world and providing solid academic and practical life skills through arts and sciences, emphasis is placed on social and cultural inclusivity, with parents and teachers working together to create a safe environment where all may flourish. Keystone Homeschool contributes to the development of confident, healthy, creative, intellectually curious, and socially responsible individuals.

The pedagogical philosophy of Keystone Homeschool is based on the teachings of Dr. Rudolf Steiner, the Austrian educator, philosopher, and social reformer.  The curriculum is informed by an understanding of human development and addresses the changing needs of the growing child. We educate the whole child – the heart and the hands, as well as the head.

The hands-on involvement with art, music, theater, nature, woodworking, and animals makes the learning a natural, whole-brain approach that takes the whole child into consideration. Monika and Grady are skilled, conscientious and loving—they really embody the spirit of Waldorf. I wish every child could experience this kind of school.

Joyce Marvel-Benoist, Daughter age 11

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